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  • "It’s invaluable to find such a genuine, honest and reliable person, let alone doctor. You have a heart of gold. I’ve never met a doctor, vet or otherwise, who whole heartedly has the patient’s best interest in mind. You’re not in it for the money/biggest profit - you do what you do because you can - you do what you do at the level and standards you’ve set because you care"
  • "Thank you for providing a dependable practice and such expertise. Thank you for having such a terrific staff and for the education you have given me as I brought each of my family members through your door"
  • "Dr. Harbert is such a thorough and concerned veterinarian that he does not rest easy with a partial solution when the health of a patient is in question. All of my cats have Dr. Harbert to thank for his early awareness and practice of preventive dentistry, proper diet and weight control, and warm, caring attention."
  • "The Boulder Valley is fortunate indeed in having Mountain View Animal Hospital in our midst. Knowing our pets are receiving the best and most loving care possible, under all circumstances, is a wonderful feeling. We would like to offer our sincere gratitude to you and your staff. Your cheerful attitudes and gracious ways make visiting your office a good experience. You have a wonderful team."
  • "I will always be amazed at your wealth of knowledge and thankful that you were willing to share it with me. You are a compassionate, caring, talented surgeon. We are all very lucky to have you as our dependable and gentle veterinarian."
  • "I have often instructed my gown children (who also take their pets to Dr. Harbert) that when I am old and feeble, I want to be taken to Dr. Harbert!"
  • "I believe you have been caring for one or more of our pets for almost 20 years. You have given shots, operated, treated wounds, provided sound advice and always provided competent and sensitive attention to the needs of our special cat and dog family members. We have so appreciated your professionalism, your availability, your follow-up and your follow-through with each of our special pets over the years. I recall how supportive you were when we had to have two of our cats put to rest and what a difference you made in helping us to deal with those losses. Thank you so much for your support and medical care of our animal friends. I hope that you feel extremely gratified and proud of the excellent care you have provided to so many animals and their families in our community."
  • "Dr. Harbert’s knowledge of the physical and emotional needs of animals is incredible. We totally trust him with the health of our animals, and value his thoughtful, compassionate manner in dealing with us - whether it was our happiness with a new puppy, or our fears and tears in making decisions. Thank you so much for all that you have done and continue to do each day, Dr. Harbert!"
  • "We’ve been meaning to write to tell you how blessed we feel to have found a doctor like you. You’re committed, loving, sensitive - without overdoing/overprescribing. You place a veil of assurance and calmness over us because we’ve trusted you so many times to make the right decision and you always do. We think you’re GREAT."
  • "I don’t imagine you’ll ever fully know how much we appreciate your efforts, time, and good will in working to make our little buddy well again. Thanks again. I can’t really imagine his long life without your consistently good common sense, honesty and genuine concern for his well being. Many, many thanks to you and your exceptional staff."
  • "Thank you for your professional, knowledgeable and caring methods to animal care. We appreciate your frank conversations, your tender approach, and of course, the positive outcomes to every experience we have ever had with you and the care you have provided our dogs."
  • "Thank you so much for the expert care and personal compassion you have shown our pets. If you could only see inside my heart you would witness the intense gratitude I feel."
  • "You have touched so many people and animal lives over the years. During my time with you, there were many traits I observed in you which helped mold me into the veterinarian I am today. Those include honesty, perseverance, good work ethic, attention to detail, respect and compassion. Thank you for the opportunities you gave me. I have, and always will, admire and respect you."
  • "We want to thank you for all the excellent care and attention you'’ve given to our pets over the past years. You are really the most wise, thorough and compassionate veterinarian we have ever had."
  • "You have been our trusted veterinarian since the time you opened your practice. You were the first veterinarian we went to when we moved here in 1977. Over the past 30 years (and 2 distant moves), we have not trusted our animals to anyone else. You are like a member of our family. We can’t imagine that you could ever retire, but someday it will happen. When it does, the animal world in Boulder County will be missing someone very special."
  • "Canine exuberance is not typically associated with a trip to the vet. In our household, it is. Dr. Harbert’s name cannot be uttered - rather it must be spelled - lest we trigger unbounded excitement in our “vocal one"
  • "Annabelle, 6 months old, had been spayed by some other vet and came away with a severely burnt abdomen. She was doing very badly and the other vet wasn’t helping. My friend recommended her vet - our very own, wonderful, Dr. Harbert. When he first saw Annabelle, he told us he couldn’t promise anything. We saw him daily for about 2 weeks and had contact with him over the weekend. Two months later the elizabethan collar finally came off! It’s been 11 years, and she owes him her life!"
  • "Thank you for always being there for us. You’re all very special in our hearts, and I give thanks that you’re part of our lives every time I pass by your place."
  • "We are so lucky to have you as our vet. You have always been so gentle with our dogs and kind to us as owners, especially when we are in panic mode. You mean so much to our family."
  • "Dr. Harbert, although Lundi was not your regular patient, you did not turn her away,… but instead stepped in and helped us out when we needed...and I know she liked you, because she was not afraid when she came to you. Your very gentle way in handling an animal was most impressive to me. The animal kingdom is very fortunate to have caring people such as you. People like you aren’t easy to find!"
  • "You are one in a million. You can be sure our family is, and will continue to be, one of your best forms of advertisement, mainly in light of your genuine concern for our animals."
  • "I must thank you for the expert, professional manner in which you took care of Roma, and fixed her up. Even though you were not my regular vet, I have recommended you, and will continue to do so, for people living in your area. Thanks so very much."
  • "Words can say so little when someone like you has done so much for us. Phone calls, late after-hours office calls. You will never know how much we appreciate it. Always keep your good, kind, thoughtful ways about you and I’m sure you will be remembered and rewarded for it. Again I say for all of us - thanks for everything."
  • "I always wonder, when I work with professionals of any kind, why they’ve chosen that line of work. After spending time with you, I understand completely why you do what you do. Your compassion is very much appreciated."
  • "Dear Friend, you are TRULY the vet of all time - extremely compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, patient, loving...… The angels knew who to send us to. A million thanks for who you are."
  • "We’re grateful to have the privilege of knowing you and being on the receiving end of much tender and loving care. We admire you, and we thank you for your skills and talents, for your patience and understanding, and for simply being a really nice man. We’re proud to know you."
  • "What can I say except that I feel like you and your staff at Mountain View Animal Hospital have been our surrogate family since getting our puppy, Bella. I know when I bring her in, she’s in the best of hands and getting the special care she needs. Thank you! How do you put a price on your dog’s health and your own peace of mind? You can’t!"
  • "The extreme demonstration of your care and love came when Brandy was severely burned on her front paws and nose. You not only cared for Brandy’s wounds, your concern for us, the family, helped to nurse us all back to good health! It is a year later, and Brandy, now 14, is a happy healthy pet who still loves her daily walks! Without your medical care, your encouragement and love, we wouldn’t have had such wonderful results! Dr. Harbert, thank you so much for being the wonderful veterinarian that you are and especially for the person that you are!"
  • "Our family has trusted you with the care of our furry family members for many years. We’ve appreciated your caring way and attention to detail and have always had complete confidence in all the care you’ve given them. The compassion you and your staff have shown during the difficult times will always be deeply appreciated."
  • "You are the most kind and conscientious veterinarian we have ever had the pleasure to know. You are appreciated more than you know."
  • "You came highly recommended to us when we moved to Boulder in 1983! We thank you for being a part of our family over the years. You have chosen wonderful staff members who have become family to us also."
  • "I always felt it was a privilege to bring my pets to you."
  • "We will always recall how Dr. H saved our beloved dog, Cody’s, life. After a series of misdiagnoses from other vets, Dr. H took one look at Cody and diagnosed “nailbed carcinoma”. He then did the surgery which saved Cody’s life. Don’t ever retire!"
  • "Thank you for your years of dedicated, compassionate service to our family. As you know, our dogs are just as much family as our kids. I have always trusted that they are in the best care."
  • "I feel grateful to have found the best vet I ever could have asked for! Not to mention the rest of the staff. Thank you!"
  • "Thank you for taking good care of Miss Amber, the princess. She definitely used her 9 lives. You’re an amazing surgeon - she had the cutest little left ear after removing those tumors."