My Large Breed Male Dog

Many people are now choosing to wait until maturity to have their large breed dogs neutered.  While The Spay & Neuter Center of New Jersey appreciates the science behind waiting to neuter in certain large breeds, we also advise that if you do wait, you must be prepared for a more prolonged recovery.  Mature male dogs have several special post-operative concerns; there is often moderate swelling, bruising, and even some occasional spotting.  These dogs are often prescribed additional medications for pain, swelling, and anxiety to alleviate these symptoms.

Our post op care discharge instructions must be followed very strictly to help prevent complications.  Failure to keep the cone on, or to sufficiently limit your dog's activity can lead to complications such as prolonged healing, infection, and occasionally an additional surgery.

Another factor to consider when choosing when to neuter your dog is expense.  A larger dog requires more anesthetics, suture materials, and time to perform the surgery.  This will lead to additional costs.

We do electively perform a procedure called a scrotal ablation where extra skin is also removed during the neuter.  This procedure does tend to reduce swelling post operatively and is more cosmetic, but requires a longer anesthesia and surgery time.  It is also not without its own complication risk.  If you are interested in having this procedure done, please contact us for more information before scheduling your appointment.

If you are unsure if you should wait or not to have your dog neutered, talk to your private practitioner and talk to us about it.  We are here to help!


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  • "Extremely nice and helpful! I was nervous about my dog going in for his neuter surgery, but they alleviated my nerves. Post surgery you have access to the vet’s emails for any questions or concerns! Would recommend 👍🏻"
    Ali M.