Meet Our Team

  • May
    Manager/Veterinary Assistant

    May graduated from Brigham Young University in 2021 where she received her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology, and she is planning to continue her education to be a registered veterinary technician. May has always had a passion for working with animals, and as a result, her home has always been filled with all kinds of pets. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her two senior dogs and taking care of her various aquatic friends. Though she is new to the Animal Medicine field, her love of animals will make sure that your pet is well loved and taken care of while they are here!

  • Ryan
    Lead Veterinary Technician

    Ryan has been working in the veterinary field for over 18 years and is very knowledgeable in the field. Growing up, Ryan always was a pet lover. When he was young his first pet was a Black Labrador who was a fire rescue dog named Lady, having her really sparked his interest in the field. He is now our head technician here at South Hills Animal Hospital. When not at the hospital, Ryan enjoys spending time with his family, his two French Bulldogs and his cat. Ryan is very friendly and will always assure that you and your pet are receiving the
    best care.

  • Queenie
    Veterinary Assistant

    Queenie has always been passionate about animal care her whole life. She graduated from California State University, Los Angeles with a business degree but soon realized her passion was in the veterinary field. She aspires to get her license as a Registered Veterinary Technician. She loves all her clients and wants to continue learning everything she can. Right now she has two dogs, Rosie and Luna, but wants plenty more! When Queenie is not working she enjoys going to the beach, spending time with loved ones and of course spoiling her dogs.

  • Sabrina
    Veterinary Assistant

    Sabrina is currently a first year veterinary student attending Oregon State University. She received her Bachelors of Science from Cal Poly Pomona as an animal science major with a pre-vet emphasis. She has always had a love for animals and would love to have her own ranch one day. She has two dogs (Cupcake & Chevy) and plans to rescue many more dogs and cats in the future. When she is not in the office, Sabrina enjoys working out, listening to Harry Styles, and traveling. She will always make sure this place feels like home for your fur-baby!

  • Brittany
    Veterinary Receptionist

    For most of her life, Brittany has maintained a passion for helping others, both human and animals. Growing up, she would always bring all kinds of furry friends home, much to the chagrin of her parents. Brittany has worked professionally in customer service since the age of 15, from serving in restaurants to cosmetology to reception, she has done it all. But her love of animals is what brought her back to the field of Animal Medicine. Brittany has plans to go back to school to further her education in this field, but for now she works hard to provide excellent customer service for our South Hills friends and family as our receptionist. Make sure to come in and say hello next time you drop by!  

  • Eric
    Kennel Attendant/Assistant

    Eric is our resident cat fanatic and kennel attendant. He is currently attending U.C. Riverside and has aspirations to become a veterinarian in the future. For now, he is learning all he can from our veterinary technicians and assistants to provide the best care for all your pets. When he is not working at South Hills Animal Hospital, he enjoys swimming and spending time with his pets: Turbo, Pooba and QQ. Hard-working and caring, Eric will always make sure your furry friends are well taken care of.

  • Devaun
    Kennel Attendant/Assistant

    Devaun has been passionate about working with animals since he was a young boy and has aspirations to become a veterinarian in the future. Graduating from Cal State Fullerton with a degree in Biology with a concentration in Evolution and Ecology, Devaun is learning as much as he can at South Hills Animal Hospital before applying to veterinary school. When not at work, he enjoys watching funny animal videos and spending time with his family and friends. He loves all animals, but has a special soft spot for big dogs, especially Rottweilers. Devaun will work hard to make sure your furry friends are well taken care of at their appointments!

  • Ruth
    Veterinary Technician

    Immersed in the field of veterinary medicine for many years, Ruth finds fulfillment in caring for and advocating for our furry friends. Her commitment to the well-being of animals is evident in the dedication she brings to work. Ruth has had a diverse professional background, but her unwavering passion for working with animals has remained constant. Ruth’s commitment to the welfare of animals extends beyond her current role, as she is currently furthering her education to obtain a veterinary technician’s license. When not in the hospital, Ruth enjoys spending time with her family, her two dogs (Winston and Meiko), her tripod cat (IHOP) and going to Disneyland. As a veterinary technician, Ruth is driven by her genuine love and concern for all animals and will work hard to make a positive impact on the field.

  • Lexi
    Veterinary Receptionist

    Lexi is a true animal enthusiast with a lifelong connection to animals. Growing up on her grandparent’s ranch, Lexi’s childhood was filled with dogs, horses, chickens, cows and pigs – each fostering a deep passion for working with animals. Driven by this passion, Lexi works hard as our veterinary receptionist at South Hills Animal Hospital. In pursuit of her career in veterinary medicine, Lexi is actively enrolled in Mt. SAC to obtain her veterinary technician’s license so she can remain an advocate for the well-being of animals. At home, Lexi shares her life with a lively bunch of dogs (Fiona, Bailey, Jaxson and Finn) and enjoys reading, self-care, going to Disneyland, and watching sports. With a commitment to excellence, Lexi strives to provide exceptional and quality care to every furry friend that walks through our clinic doors!


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