Why Train your Dog?

  • A trained dog is a happy dog
  • Training creates a bond between you and your dog
  • Training helps you better communicate with your dog
  • Training helps keep your dog out of trouble
  • Training helps your dog form good habits
  • Training helps build your dog’s confidence
  • Training makes your dog a more pleasant companion to live with
  • Training is an activity you and your dog can enjoy together
  • Training can help your dog become a Canine Good Citizen
  • Training can help develop your dog’s full potential
  • Training shows your dog that you are the leader
  • Training establishes necessary boundaries for your dog
  • Training stimulates the dog’s mind
  • Training gives your dog a greater sense of security
  • Training enables your dog to earn more privileges
  • Training enhances your dog’s quality of life
  • All dogs should be trained for their own safety
  • Training enables your dog to better socialize with people and other dogs
  • Training helps your dog burn energy
  • Training prevents your dog from turning into a problem
  • A trained dog is more acceptable when traveling
  • An untrained dog may keep visitors away from your home
  • Training fosters mutual respect between you and your dog
  • Training will make you proud of your dog’s accomplishments
  • Training will help your dog keep its home


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