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  • Dr.
    Terrence Ochterski

    Dr. Terry has dedicated his life to caring for animals. As a child, his family raised and cared for dogs at thee family-owned kennel, Suburban Animal Centre. Dr. Terry began working his first job when he was 14 at Shaker Animal Hospital. He then went on to receive a Bachelor of Science in Animal Agriculture from The Ohio State University before obtaining his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Ross University.

    He completed his internships at Oklahoma State University and The University of Ontario.
    Dr. Terry is as knowledgeable in the field of veterinary medicine as he is passionate about caring for animals. he ranked in the top 7th percentile in clinical competency skills while just a senior veterinary student. Dr. Terry continues to enhance his knowledge and expertise by attending continuing education classes in his field.

    Dr. Terry is a member of the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Dr. Terry founded Suburban Veterinary Clinic in 1988 as a part of Suburban Animal Centre located on Broadway Avenue in Maple Heights, OH since 1975. In 1991, Dr. Terry relocated the main clinic facility to 5257 Warrensville Center Road in Maple Heights. Here he and his staff provide exceptional medical care to the animals in the Greater Cleveland Area.

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  • Melissa R
    RVT/ Practice Manager

    Position: Melissa has worked at SVC since 2006 starting as a veterinary assistant and has worked her way up to becoming a registered technician in 2012 and has now taken on the role of practice manager as well. 

    Family, including pets: 6 dogs, 3 cats, 5 kids, and 1 man child (husband)

    Favorite breed/animal: Frenchie

    Why do you like working at SVC? The family atmosphere

    When I'm not working, I'm...camping, kayaking, boating, fishing

    Favorite book/movie: The Notebook

    A random fact about yourself: I ride my own motorcycle

  • Tracey B

    Position: Tracey joined SVC in 2008 as a veterinary technician. 

    Family, including pets: 2 daughters, 2 grandchildren, 6 cats, 2 dogs, 2 turtles, 1 bird

    Favorite breed/animal: Horses, raccoons 

    Why do you like working for SVC? The family I have gained over the years

    When I'm not working, I'm...spending time with my family and helping to rescue wild animals when needed. 

    Favorite book/movie: 

    A random fact about yourself: I worked with my grandfather when I was a child in his veterinary clinic and this is where I found my passion for the field! 

  • Tammy H

    Position: Veterinary technician at SVC since 2005

    Family, including pets: Me + several dogs

    Favorite breed or animal: Rottweiler

    Why do you like working at SVC?  Suburban Veterinary Clinic is a homey environment and I have always known this was home since I first started working here. 

    When I'm not working, I'm.... attending to my dogs 

    Favorite book/movie: Rush Hour, Dumb & Dumber

    A random fact about yourself: I wanted to be a detective 

  • Lisa L

    Position: Lisa joined Suburban Veterinary Clinic in February of 2016. She obtained her RVT in 2021. 

    Family including pets: Daughter, Brooke & Son, Austin Dogs: Maximus Cats: Zeus, Bella, Jaxson, Willow along with many reptiles. 

    Favorite breed or animal: Any type of cats; CATS RULE

    Why do you like working at SVC? 'They are like my family. We are always there for each other and push each other to be the best we can be. We all come together for the greater good of all the animals that come through the door.'

    Favorite Book/Movie: A Dog named Oogie

    When I'm not working, I'm.... spending time with family.

    A random fact about yourself: I like to make crafty stuff

  • Justine B

    Position: Justine joined SVC during an internship starting in 2018 where she moved her way up from an assistant to a registered technician after passing her test in 2021!

    Family, including pets: Grandparents (Nanny & Poppy), younger sister, cousin (Presley), fiancé (Frank), step-son, and currently pregnant with twin boys! Dogs include Rousey (bull terrier), Whiskey (heeler/terrier mix), and Navii (3-legged pittie) and Lenny (ferret). 

    Favorite breed/animal: No favorite breed, just favorite characteristics in each breed.

    Why do you like working at SVC? What's not to love?

    When I'm not working, I'm...eating, working out, walking/hiking with the dogs, cleaning, spending time with family.

    Favorite book/movie: Avatar

    A random fact about yourself: I personally strive to succeed in every aspect of my life.

  • Mya N

    Position: Mya joined The Suburban Family in 2022 and is a registered technician.

    Family, including pets: Mya lives with her parents, she has two brothers and a dog named Diamond. 

    Favorite breed/animal: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

    Why do you like working at SVC? Great people here!

    When I'm not working, I'm... eating.

    Favorite book/movie: Grown Ups

    A random fact about yourself: I love seafood!

  • Jillian M

    Position: Jillian is a newer registered technician to join the Suburban team, but she has been in the veterinary field for 7+ years. 

    Family, including pets: Husband (Dave), daughter (Lily), 6 cats and 1 dog.

    Favorite breed/animal: Labrador retrievers and calico cats

    Why do you like working at SVC? The people (coworkers) and atmosphere where we all work together to accomplish goals. 

    When I'm not working, I'm...spending time with my family!

    Favorite book/movie: Harry Potter

    A random fact about yourself: I have a small business at home where I enjoy crafting and creating things.

  • Jasmine R

    Position: Jasmine joined the Suburban family March 2020 as a kennel assistant and is currently enrolled in collage to obtain her RVT. 

    Family, including pets: 1 sister, 2 brothers, 2 step-brothers and tons of animals! 

    Favorite breed/animal: Cat

    Why do you like working at SVC? Everyone is like one big family!

    When I'm not working, I'm...working on furthering my education and my love for animals. 

    Favorite book/movie: Up

    A random fact about yourself: I have several years experience participating in 4-H and have raised chickens and goats my whole life!

  • Ashley W
    Veterinary Assistant

    Position: Ashley has worked at SVC for several years as a vet assistant! 

    Family, including pets: Rasta and Zella (dogs) and Malibu, Moose and Theo (cats) 

    Why do you like working at SVC? Absolutely love the family atmosphere and all the critters I get to work with daily!

    When I'm not working, I'm... working as a registered human nurse or traveling.

    Favorite book/movie: Peppermint

    A random fact about yourself: I'm currently in school to become a nurse practitioner 

  • Alice T

    Position: Alice has been a part of SVC for the better part of almost 14 years as a receptionist. 

    Family, including pets: Brenda and many pugs (Victor, LaDonna, Panda, Reba, Ashia, Charlotte)

    Favorite breed/animal: Pug

    Why do you like working at SVC? Helping people and their pets

    When I'm not working, I'm...taking care of home, playing with pugs, enjoying weather, spending time with family

    Favorite book/movie: Jumanji

    A random fact about yourself: I used to own a bar and I breed pugs!

  • Linda R

    Position: Linda joined SVC in September of 2016, and has been a great addition to our receptionist team. Her always friendly personality is appreciated by both our staff and clients.

    Family: Husband, 4 sons, grandkids and too many pets to list.

    Favorite breed/animal: ALL 

    Why do you like working at SVC? 'I am grateful for the opportunity to work here with such grrrrrreat doctors that have old fashion values.......they care about animals and their people. I feel like part of the family and I've only been here 4 months'.

    When I'm not working, I'm.... 'working at the pizza shop (Gioninos) that my husband and I own. I also breed cats, dogs and hedgehogs'.

    Favorite book/movie: The Notebook

    A random fact about myself: I LOVE my life, I am soooo blessed 

  • Morgan F

    Position: Morgan joined SVC in 2018 as a receptionist.

    Family, including pets: Husband (Sam), American Bully (Rocko), and 3 house panthers (Luna Lovegood, Bean Sidhe/Banshee, Alcatraz)

    Favorite breed/animal: Newfoundlands or Irish Wolfhounds and all cats 

    Why do you like working at SVC? I like getting to know clients and their furry family members!

    When I'm not working, I'm...either bingeing a show on Netflix or out on the lake sailing 

    Favorite book/movie: The Neverending Story, Deadpool

    A random fact about yourself: I am currently writing a book, about 12 chapters in so far 

  • Leanne C

    Position: Leanne joined SVC in 2022 as a receptionist. 

    Family, including pets: Samantha (daughter), Alex (son), Myles (cat), Hugo (dog)

    Favorite breed/animal: Boxer

    Why do you like working at SVC? I enjoy working with people and animals together!

    When I'm not working, I'm hanging out with my nephew Andrew...

    Favorite book/movie: Sweet Home Alabama, Goodfellas

    A random fact about yourself: She loves motorcycle rides!

  • Brittany H

    Position: Brittany joined SVC as a receptionist in January 2022.

    Family, including pets: Husband (Vince), 2 Saint Bernards named Bella and Lucy Lu

    Favorite breed/animal: Saint Bernards or Newfoundlands

    Why do you like working at SVC? I love helping animals and making connections/relationships with our clients and their pets!

    When I'm not working, I'm...spending time with my dogs! 

    Favorite book/movie: Peaky Blinders, Snowfall

    A random fact about yourself: I'm also a groomer!

  • Christina C

    Position: Christina joined SVC in August 2022 as a receptionist 

    Family, including pets: Husband (George), 4 kids (Domonic, Giana, Giovanni, Rocco), 2 dogs (Daisy, Delly), 2 cats (Mimi, Winter)

    Favorite breed/animal: German shepherd

    Why do you like working at SVC? I love helping animals

    When I'm not working, I'm...spending time with family

    Favorite book/movie: I Am Legend

    A random fact about yourself: I am a huge NKOTB fan

  • Tya W
    Kennel Assistant

    Position: Tya has been a part of SVC since 2018 when she started volunteering for a high school project 

    Family, including pets: Mom, uncle, auntie, cousins and two dogs (Oreo and Lucky)

    Favorite breed/animal: Cane corso and Dobermans

    Why do you like working at SVC? Every day is a new challenge and there is always something new to learn!

    When I'm not working, I'm...helping around the house or hanging with friends and family

    Favorite book/movie: Fahrenheit 451, Gray Man

    A random fact about yourself: I make edits 


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