Pet Obesity

If you have a pet that's experiencing obesity, you know it's important to adjust his or her nutrition. As a result, your pet will reach a healthy weight and you can reduce the risks of health problems. When you visit us At The Village Vet in Baltimore, MD, we can create a nutrition plan and provide any necessary treatment that will improve your cat or dog’s well-being and reduce any discomfort. Before visiting us, learn about some causes of obesity below:

Pet Obesity

Causes of Obesity in Pets

There are several causes of obesity in pets. While the problem may be due to taking in more calories than they're burning off, it's not always that simple. Our veterinarian can help diagnose any underlying conditions, such as diabetes or thyroid problems, which may be preventing your pet from losing weight. Inactivity can also be a factor, especially for cats or dogs that are older and don’t get enough exercise.

The Importance of a Healthy Nutrition

No matter what health conditions your pet may be experiencing, it’s important that he or she is consuming healthy foods. You might consider a lower-calorie diet or a shorter feeding schedule, but also the right kind of food for your pet’s medical needs. This type of nutrition plan is especially important for cats or dogs with diabetes or kidney disease, since they needs the right amount of food and water to stay as healthy as possible.

Preventative Care to Prevent Serious Health Problems

Preventative care is important for your pet’s overall health. If you see that your pet is gaining weight unexpectedly or its suddenly eating a lot more than usual, we recommend visiting our veterinarians. We can help you treat any current issues and prevent serious health problems from occurring.

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