Pet Urgent/Emergency Care

Pet Urgent/Emergency Care

Pet Urgent Care from Our Veterinarian

When a pet emergency arises, you must act quickly. Visit The Village Vet in Baltimore, MD, if you need pet urgent/emergency care. Allow us to administer the specialized care your pet needs, so it can survive a potentially life-threatening situation.

How can you tell if your animal companion needs urgent pet care courtesy of a veterinarian? Let’s discuss that matter in greater detail throughout this article.

Situations When Your Animal Companion Needs Pet Urgent/Emergency Care

Heading to our veterinarian as soon as possible may not be necessary whenever something unusual about your pet’s condition occurs. However, there are also times when prompt action is required.

Take a trip to the vet clinic immediately if your pet has sustained a severe injury. If your pet is bleeding from their nose, mouth, or rectum, there is likely something seriously wrong with them. Excessive bleeding can also be an indicator of a severe injury. Even if the bleeding is not coming from an organ, you should still have a veterinarian check it immediately to see what the issue could be.

You need to take pets with strange breathing patterns to our veterinarian. That could be an indicator of an obstruction inside your pet’s airway. Clearing that out should be your priority.

Some cats or dogs may also refuse to eat or drink water for extended periods. If your pet exhibits that behavior for more than 24 hours, you should take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible. They may have eaten something toxic that needs to be extracted from their system immediately.

These are just some emergencies that require an immediate visit to the vet’s office. Still, you know your pet best. So you should strongly consider heading to the vet if something is off with their behavior.

How to Prepare for Pet Urgent Care

An emergency involving your pet can be tricky to handle. You want to help your pet, but they may not accept your assistance. Even the most good-natured pets can become aggressive when injured.

You must exercise caution while trying to handle your injured pet.

For dogs, use a muzzle to cover their mouth so you can prevent them from attacking you. Put them inside a crate if doing so will not worsen their injury.

You want to wrap cats in cloth so they can not squirm away and scratch you. Using a crate is also recommended if you can put them in without hurting them further.

Secure Expert Care for Your Pet

Contact us at The Village Vet if your pet needs emergency care. Then, head to our office in Baltimore, MD, so we can administer the treatment your pet needs. Call us today to schedule your first appointment at (410) 367-8111.