Services Offered by The Village Vet

Have you been looking for a reliable vet hospital near you? When you need trusted veterinary care for your pet, you can depend on our expert veterinarian near you in Baltimore, MD, at The Village Vet. We're proud to have an exceptional team and quality services. You no longer have to keep searching for a “pet hospital near me.” Come visit our team today. Learn more about the services we offer at our pet clinic by reading on.


Services Offered by Our Pet Clinic

Our veterinary hospital in Baltimore, MD, offers a wide range of veterinary care to ensure your pet gets the best care possible. When you need a veterinarian near you to handle your pet's needs, we have you covered! Explore the services we offer below:

•             Wellness Care: We provide education, preventative care, behavioral counseling, and training to help improve the relationship you have with your pet.

•             Surgery: Our advanced and fully equipped surgical suite with anesthetic monitoring equipment allows our team to accurately follow in real time our patients' medical needs. We offer pre-, intra-, and post-operative pain management using injectable, intravenous, and transdermal delivery systems in addition to conventional oral medication usage.

•             Diagnostic Imaging: Our animal hospital near you in Baltimore, MD, has full digital radiographic capability, which includes plain X-rays and contrast X-rays (barium, intravenous dyes, and negative contrast) for evaluation of body cavities and certain organ systems. We can also provide ultrasound scanning for body cavity and organ evaluation, ultrasound-guided biopsy of abdominal organs or tumor masses, and an Endoscopic examination of the gastrointestinal tract.

•             Oncology Care: Diagnosis and management of various cancers is available. Complex chemotherapy treatment and radiation management following initial surgical treatment are available on a referral basis.

•             Dentistry: We offer routine dental surgical services (except endodontics) and perform ultrasonic anesthetic procedures with dental polishing and fluoride treatment.

•             Pharmacy: Our in-hospital pharmacy has an inventory of most veterinary pharmaceuticals for your pet’s health. We also use a national vet pharmacy distributor (VetSource) for online ordering on our website for convenient at-home delivery.

Additional services offered at our vet clinic include:

•             Adult and geriatric care and counseling (Early Disease Detection)

•             Behavioral counseling and referral

•             Nutritional counseling

•             Inventory of complete internal and external parasite control medications

•             Relationship and referral to local vets when needed. MRI imaging is available through referral to local specialty hospitals.

•             Ambulatory surgical specialists are available under certain circumstances.

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