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Pet Wellness Exam

Regular veterinary care can be essential for ensuring your pet's long-term health and happiness. While urgent care situations arise, preventive measures, like wellness exams, can play a crucial role in identifying potential health concerns early on, hopefully before they escalate into more serious issues. Visit us at Danforth Animal Hospital in Edmond, OK, for veterinary care and a pet wellness exam from a veterinarian near you.

Pet Wellness Exam

Why Regular Wellness Exams Matter

Animals benefit from comprehensive checkups that go beyond visible symptoms. During these exams, our veterinarians at Danforth Animal Hospital in Edmond, OK, conduct a detailed assessment of your pet's overall health, which may include things like:

•           Physical examination: This may involve a thorough evaluation of your pet's vital signs, body condition, posture, coat, skin, ears, eyes, or teeth.

•           Medical history review: We may discuss your pet's lifestyle, diet, and any recent health concerns to gain a better understanding of their well-being.

•           Vaccinations and parasite prevention: We tailor vaccination and parasite prevention protocols to your pet's age, breed, and lifestyle to help ensure optimal protection.

•           Laboratory testing: Depending on your pet's age and individual needs, we may recommend bloodwork, urinalysis, or other tests to help detect potential internal issues.

Early Detection Makes a Difference

Regular wellness exams offer numerous benefits for your pet's health:

•           Early detection of disease: Many illnesses, like heart disease, kidney disease, and certain cancers, often progress silently in their early stages. Wellness exams allow us to identify these concerns at their earliest, most treatable point, potentially improving your pet's prognosis.

•           Preventive care: By proactively addressing potential problems, we can help prevent more serious conditions from developing, potentially saving you and your pet from unnecessary stress and expense.

•           Peace of mind: Knowing your pet is healthy and receiving the care he needs can provide peace of mind for pet owners.

Get a Pet Wellness Exam and Veterinary Care from a Veterinarian Near You

Providing your pet preventive care is an investment in his longevity and quality of life. At Danforth Animal Hospital in Edmond, OK, we are committed to providing compassionate, personalized veterinary care for your pets and we believe that regular wellness exams are the cornerstone of optimal pet health.

Contact us today to schedule your pet's wellness exam to help ensure they receive the care they need. Call us at (405) 340-1020 for veterinary care and pet wellness exam from a veterinarian near you.