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Preventative Medicine

Vaccinations are a necessary part of any preventative health plan. Vaccines help prevent infections with viruses that can be harmful, and even potentially fatal, in our canine and feline patients. We are proud to offer up to date vaccination protocols based on the most recent recommendations from the American Veterinary Medical Association coupled with our decades of experience in administering these vaccines.

We also recommend annual heartworm detection and the use of heartworm preventatives year round. For your annual visit we use an in-house test to quickly and accurately detect adult heartworms.

Did you know that intestinal parasites that your canine or feline pet can carry pose a risk to you and your family? For this reason we think it is of utmost importance to have your pet dewormed on a regular basis with safe and effective deworming agent.

Fleas and Ticks can also be carriers of harmful diseases. We recommend preventatives to help treat and prevent infestations of these external parasites.