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Spay & Neuter

Spay & Neuter Services From Danforth Animal Hospital

Spay & neuter services are among the most important health choices you can make for your pet, and your veterinarian at Danforth Animal Hospital is here to help you throughout the process. It's helpful to prepare before adopting a new pet by gathering information about these sterilization procedures; however, if your pet is older, already part of the family, and hasn't been altered yet, it's not too late to arrange to have your furry friend spayed or neutered.


What is spay & neuter?

The terms spay and neuter refer to the surgical removal of an animal's reproductive organs. It can also be called sterilization or altering a dog or cat. These procedures are performed to reduce the risk of dogs and cats breeding and producing unwanted offspring. 

The differences between spay & neuter

The terms spay and neuter are gender-specific, with spaying referring to the surgery for female animals and neuter for males. The word neuter can technically be used for the sterilization of both male and female animals, but it's typically only used to discuss surgically altering males.  The term castration is also used to explain the procedure for male animals, though it's more common to hear it called neutering. 

Benefits of spay or neuter

Spaying or neutering your pet has a variety of advantages, including helping your pet remain healthier and enjoy a longer life. These procedures reduce the risks of cancer for both male and female animals. An altered animal is also likely to exhibit better behavior and is less likely to run away in search of a mate.

Beyond the advantages of spaying or neutering for your pet, it helps reduce pet overpopulation and the need for euthanasia in overcrowded animal shelters. As a veterinarian in the Edmond, Guthrie and Oklahoma City area, Danforth Animal Hospital is here to provide spay and neuter services for your beloved pets.

When you should get your pet spayed or neutered

Dogs and cats can be spayed at any age; however, it's best to have the procedure performed by the time they reach six months of age. Having the spaying surgery performed when the animal is young helps reduce the risk of your pet developing mammary cancer or cancer. Male kittens can typically be neutered once they have reached approximately three pounds of body weight. While these general guidelines are helpful, your veterinarian is always your best source of information regarding the specifics of these pet sterilization procedures. 

If you're in the Edmond, Guthrie, or Oklahoma City area, contact Danforth Animal Hospital to discuss reproductive health options for your pet. We're here to serve as your partner in keeping your precious pets healthy and happy.