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Tumor Removal

Tumor Removal for Pets Explained by an Oklahoma City, OK, Veterinarian

Like with people, cancer is possible in cats and dogs as well. Sometimes, a lump might arise that's benign but will cause your pet discomfort. In these cases, our veterinarian at Danforth Animal Hospital, serving Oklahoma City, Edmond, and the neighboring Oklahoma communities, may recommend tumor removal surgery. 


General Information 

As of right now, it's unknown what triggers cancer in pets in many cases. We do, however, see a genetic link in certain types, seeing as how cancer may occur more frequently in a certain breed. Sunlight exposure and teratogens, substances that can alter DNA, may play a role in some cases. 

A pet can develop a lipoma, which is a benign mass consisting of fat cells. Generally, this isn't painful and won't cause any symptoms, but a pet owner may want it removed due to aesthetic purposes. On the other hand, if the lipoma is large and underneath one of his or her legs, it may cause problems with mobility. 

Diagnosing Tumors 

Our veterinarian can provide you with some insight whether or not the tumor could be cancerous merely by examining it. However, to know for sure if the tumor is cancerous and what type of cancer it is, our vet would need to take a sample of the tissue and use a microscope to look at the cells. This process is known as a biopsy. Sometimes, we'll recommend a fine needle aspiration, which consists of our practitioner using a thin needle to remove only a small sample of the cells to examine them.  

Surgical Removal

Surgical removal might be the best option in some cases. We may be able to use laser surgery. For this technique, our vet will insert an endoscope. Through it, our practitioner will insert direct laser energy at the tumor to shrink it. 

Sometimes, a laser is utilized without an endoscope and is used like a scalpel to remove the tumor, though it's more precise and less invasive. 

Some surgical procedures, however, are more standard and are comprised of our veterinarian using a scalpel to remove the mass. 

Our vet will let you know what your pet's options are and which ones are most effective. Our practitioner will also discuss what anesthesia is required and how to prepare your pet for the surgery. For instance, if your pet needs general anesthesia, our vet will tell you when to start your pet fasting. 

Quality Veterinary Care

At our animal clinic, Danforth Animal Hospital, serving Oklahoma City, Edmond, and the nearby regions, we offer various methods of tumor removal. Sometimes, removal isn't even necessary but might be a preference of yours as the pet owner. 

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