Your Pet Vet

 Dr. Cheryl L. Sammons, DVM

20110128_SFAH_10411.jpgDr. Sammons graduated from The College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1995. She worked in Memphis, Tn at a AAHA-certified, 4 doctor practice for 4 years, where she grew her passion for dermatology and internal/geriatric medicine.

Upon finding a location and being eager to commit more time to veterinary medicine, she, Brian, Dalton, and Grace opened the doors at South Franklin Animal Hospital in 2008. The hospital was opened with love and support of GOD, so many friends, loyal clients, and staff. South Franklin Animal Hospital was opened with guidance and direction from the Lord to care to the best of my ability for his creatures.

Dr. Cheryl Sammons has been married to Brian Schwarz since 1995. Blessed with two wonderful and challenging children Dalton {1998} and Grace {2002}.  She is passionate that education of animal care taking and respect for animals, starts with early generations and good parent leaders.  Dr. Sammons loves to have kids come to the practice to not only learn what a veternarian does on a daily basis, but to allow kids to meet all the small creatures at the practice. Currently at SFAH there is chinchillas, cats, rabbit, guinea pigs, goffin cockatoo,eclectic parrot, and a ferret.


Dr. Cheryl currently has at home two dobermans; Ruger & Remington. Both severe from chronic dermatology and anxieties. LuLu the beloved yorkiepoo still triggers both dobies with barking. And the last, newest boy, Ace loves to  be swallowed by both dobies. Dr. Cheryl owns 3 horses, which is the reason she feel in love with veterinary medicine. Dr. James Smokescreen is Dr. Cheryl's main man, along with Onyx, and Jules.

20110128_SFAH_1095.jpgDr.Sammons is continuing her love of Veterinary Medicine with further education in wellness medicine, dermatology,  internal medicine case work ups,  and behavior for animals. Since Dr. Cheryl is taught the most by her own animals, her knowledge in dermatology/skin/allergies and anxieties/behavior has grown enormously. Her knowledge in behavior is leading Dr. Sammons and SFAH to embrace a stress free environment with positive rewards including treats, gentle-time-patients and lots of love and XOXOXO

She supports, embraces, and is amazed by the human-animal bond, and continues her practice growth in educating clients in all aspects of care of their pets from young to old. Dr. Sammons is most honored and rewarded by walking {sometimes holding hands to support each other} with a client through to the end, letting an animal go to heaven with love and peace, and  helping deal with the deep grief we feel for the loss of our beloved pets.

Dr. Sammons understands that veterinary medicine is about a relationship between a doctor/staff and a client and a beloved pet. We want to offer best recommendations, services, and care for both.