Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in Pets

We are blessed that are pets are living a much longer life than 20 years ago. This is due to owner commitment, preventative medicine/treatment/care, improved diets, supplements,... But reality is all animals, like humans have a life span, and organ failure is cause of most deaths. Renal/Kidney failure, heart failure, organ cancer, osteoarthritis have been the most common cause of humane euthanasia or death, but now with extended living, the brain is the organ failing. Brain failure with age is due to the exact reasons as in humans- 1/amyloid plaques in the hippocampus and cerebral cortex, 2/reduced glucose uptake/metabolism in the brain, 3/oxidative damage to the brain, and 4/perivascular changes, including arteriosclerosis and infarcts. Only the first of these changes are due genetics. 2-4 is brain health/vitality.

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome/CDS is seen in aging animals. There is no predilection/preference for breed, sex, or size of dog. It is seen in cats, as well as dogs. Symptoms can be very vague, wax/wane, but will progress.

D-Disorientation I-Altered Interaction S-Change in Sleep-Wake Cycle H-Problems w/House training A-Change in Activity    DISHA

Treatment/Recommendations can be made by us via appointment.