Wellness Labwork

20110531_SFAH_1079.jpgWellness baseline lab work is recommended and offered yearly. The lab work consist of blood work and urinalysis. Blood work consists of a complete blood count {CBC}, Chemistry panel and urinalysis. Electrolytes and thyroid tests in 7 years and older.  The lab work is performed in house on Idexx state of art equipment  for immediate & accurate results, reassurance of wellness, and if needed appropriate medications/treatments. Regular, yearly lab work and bi annually for pets on medications or geriatric is an essential and comprehensive part of keeping your pet in good health well into golden years. Lab work at SFAH is catered to specific pet's, concerns, medications, and/or disease process.

 On Site Lab Services

Our in-house Idexx veterinary laboratory features diagnostic testing for the following:

  •     Procyte CBC machine for RBC/HCT and a WBC count with  a 4 part differential
  •     Chemistry Machine for full, mini, and therapeutic panels
  •    Chemistry Machine for Electrolytes, Acid-Base levels, T4 level, Bile Acid level, and Cortisol Level
  •     Idexx 4 DX Plus test for heart worm, tick diseases
  •     Canine Specific Pancreatic {CPL} and Feline Specific Pancreatic {FPL} Tests
  •     Idexx Feline CardioPet Snap Test
  •     Urine Protein Creatine {UPC} a measurement of protein loss in kidneys
  •     Urinalysis and Sediment examination, Flexicult Urine Culture for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  •     Cytology-skin & ears, Skin scrape
  •     Fecal centrifugation and floats for intestinal parasites
  •     Idexx Fecal Giardia testing for all puppies and kittens