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  • Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome 2018
    Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome/CDS is a disease process of the aging brain of animals, as they are living huge life spans. This seems to be the same process as Alzheimer's disease Read more
  • Hydration is the Topic of 2016!!
    In the veterinary field there is an enormous stir in how dehydrated our pets are, especially cats. Renal disease is the #1 killer in cats and increasing in dogs. Blood Read more
  • Multi Modal Anesthesia and Local Anesthesia
    Veterinary medicine is always moving forward, and if you do not keep up learning you will behind. South Franklin Animal Hospital is keeping up with better, safer, and more effective anesthesia protocols. Both Read more
  • Multi-Modal Treatment Approach
    I am finding that of our most successful, long term treatments, the multiple modal model is best for pet and owners. There is no one treatment or injection that solves most cases. Read more
  • Fear Free Veterinary Practice Approach at SFAH
    SFAH Goal 2016 is building remodel into a total facility for fear free veterinary medicine, grooming, and boarding. Fear Free approach to patient handling has been the most eye opening and Read more
  • Fall Allergies
    Fall Allergies maybe worse than spring allergies for some dogs and cats. Not only are fleas and mosquitos still biting to get blood meals, but yes that gorgeous yellow flower roadside Read more
  • What is in your dog's poop?
    Regular canine fecal examinations are recommended every 6 months! Wonder why? Dog's poop can carry many intestinal parasites and protozoa that cannot only make them sick, but are zoonotic to us. Transmission of Read more
  • Petly Wellness Plans for Dogs and Cats
    No reason now to not to be able to afford full service preventative care for your dog and/or cat... SFAH is now offering wellness plans for each stage of your Read more
  • Bilateral Seasonal Alopecia in Dogs
    Certain breeds, such as boxers, Dobermans, and bulldogs are predisposed to this disorder with hair loss on both rear flank areas. Most of the time thyroid disease is ruled as Read more
  • Is Your Dog's Food AAFCO labeled?
    AAFCO is the Association of American Feed Control Officials. AAFCO regulates dog food to ensure nutritionally balanced and adequate. FDA requires AAFCO labeling for consumers knowledge. "Organic" and "Natural" labeling Read more
  • #1 Supplement for your dog and cat
    Best supplement for dermatology/skin/allergies, osteoarthritis, heart, kidneys is Omega 3V. Once a day on food. Must be used consistently to see results in 4 to 6 weeks. Always recommend Bayer Read more
  • Trupanion Pet Health Insurance
    Trupanion is pet insurance for dogs and cats with no payout limits. One simple plan that covers the actual veterinary costs for medications, diagnostics tests, and surgeries including hereditary and Read more
  • Separation Anxiety
    Separation Anxiety is a REAL issue and concern seen in so many dogs. Hence, the #1 reason MTBR {Middle TN Boxer Rescue} has boxers in their rescue!! Separation Anxiety is Read more
  • Top 5 Tools/Techniques for Oral Home Care
    Regular Professional Dental Cleaning is proven to lengthen and overall improve life quality in our pets. Oral home Care is key to in between dental cleanings. 1/Toothbrushing- Must be done Read more
  • Reconsidering Universal Spay and Neuter
    It has always been a "no brainer" to spay or neuter at 6 months of age, unless serious breeding interests. Over last few years, new research has presented some risks Read more