At SFAH, we follow the Fear Free approach for our patients while boarding and want to make sure you are aware of what this means for you and your pet.

We have learned that many times, a pet's FAS [fear, anxiety, and stress] level is affected by things that happen before arriving at our facility.  Stress of owners packing and then the stress of travel to boarding facility .We are here to help alleviate our pets and clients FAS. Our goal is to inform and educate  our clients on the handling of your pet in SFAH Boarding setting, and trouble shooting that goes into ensuring less FAS for boarding

 Dog's display FAS/ Fear Anxiety Stress

  • Panting
  • Restlessness
  • Hiding
  • Vocalizing [whining, barking}

Cat's display FAS/ Fear Anxiety Stress

  • Yowling
  • Hiding
  • Hissing
  • Pinning ears back
  • Crouching motionless

We want your pet to feel safe and secure in our care. If you have noticed any of these signs in your pet associated with coming to stay with us, or another experience that we need to understand.  Anxiety or Motion sickness in car travel can set off alot of FAS prior to coming to board. So if concerns or needing suggestions on pet travel, please ask us. Cerenia maybe used for motion sickness, drooling, vomiting. 

Our veterinarian can review pet's medical records and tailor a plan to address your pet's FAS prior to the stay. This may include dietary supplements or medications to help decrease fear and anxiety.

Our first effort for FAS is to ensure pet have what they need. ENSURE TO BRING BEDDING WITH FAMILIAR SMELLS, FAVORITE TREATS/BONES/TOYS, REGULAR FOOD, AND ALL MEDICATIONS.  We try to address all causes of FAS in a boarding setting. Sights Sounds Smells Touch. Kennels are covered to prevent visuals that may stress.  Smells are addressed with cleaning efforts. RESCUE is a cleaning agent that is hydrogen peroxide based for less offensive, harsh  chemicals. Strong odors can limit a dog/cat's normal smell for 7 to 10 days. Next we use synethetic appeasing  pheromones. to produce a natural calm/relax. These phermones are sprayed on bedding, bandanna, and thru out bldg.  Calming music, species specific in each area. It is known that dogs/cats respond to classical and reggae music. 

Calming supplements can be used prior during and post visit. Anxitane, Zylkene, and Composure Pro are all neutriceuticals that can be started prior to stressful events .

Probiotics are a MUST for any dog that is experiencing higher level of FAS. Stress will change the normal GI flora, causing stress diarrhea. At SFAH we promote Probiotics for any stressed dog/cat, esp PRE DURING POST Boarding.

Trazodone is SFAH 's first line of medications, quick acting for anxieties. This is not a sedative, but an anxiolytic medication. Ideally this is wonderful to start at the  first signs of any signs of FAS. Melatonin is also used for reduction in FAS . Along with many other medictions. Most dogs that have anxiety/fear/stress, have other behavior concerns or issues at home or other places. Dr. Sammons does offer behavior appointments/consults to help solve the big picture with emotional health of your pets.