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Anxiety in Pets

Pet Anxiety Care at Collierville Animal Clinic & Surgery Center

If you sometimes find yourself envying the carefree life of pets, you should know that dogs, cats, and other animals experience anxiety just as their human owners do. Pet anxiety can seriously impair your beloved friend's quality of life, while also causing trouble around the house. Fortunately, the underlying causes of this anxiety often respond to skilled, caring treatment. That's why you should bring your anxious pet to us at Collierville Animal Clinic & Surgery Center, your source for emergency pet care urgent care in Collierville, Piperton, and Germantown.


Causes and Symptoms of Pet Anxiety

Anxiety in pets comes with its own set of telltale symptoms. Anxious animals may pace or dig obsessively. Some may hide out of sight or even try to run away from home. Other symptoms include shivering, refusal to eat, inappropriate urination, intense licking or chewing, destruction of household furnishings, panting, barking, and howling.

Anxiety can stem from a number of causes. Acute anxiety may be brought on by consumption of products such as hops and caffeinated foods or beverages. Chronic or periodic anxiety may stem from environmental triggers such as frightening thunderstorms or noisy crowds of visitors. One common problem, known as separation anxiety, occurs in pets who haven't gotten used to their owners disappearing for any length of time. Pets (like humans) may also suffer from anxiety due to biochemical imbalances or other underlying health problems.

How Our Vet Team Can Help

Our vet team can determine whether or not your pet suffers from anxiety. A thorough physical examination can help to eliminate other possible causes of his symptoms. Either veterinarian on our team will then discuss treatment options with you. In many cases, behavioral training can help pets get over separation anxiety or other situation-specific anxiety. We may also recommend other helpful strategies such as providing your pet with a quiet "safe space" during parties or other noisy events. You may even have success distracting your pet with favorite toys or treats.

Pet anxiety that doesn't respond to conservative care may require treatment with anti-anxiety medications. We can prescribe these medications and teach you how to administer them safely. Some pets may also experience a degree of anxiety relief from non-pharmaceutical products such as CBD oil. we can discuss these and other options with you during your pet's appointment.

Need a Veterinarian for Pet Anxiety? Call Our Clinic Today

When you need a veterinarian who can handle pet anxiety in Collierville, Germantown, or Piperton, Collierville Animal Clinic & Surgery Center is there for you. Call our emergency pet care urgent care clinic at (901) 853-8519 to ask for advice and schedule an evaluation.

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