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Itchy Skin

How Veterinarians Can Help Your Pet's Itchy Skin

Have you noticed your pet enjoying the scratches you give them a little more than normal? Are they constantly itching themselves or rubbing on furniture to alleviate itchy skin?

If your animal is suffering from itchy skin, emergency pet care and urgent care from Collierville Animal Clinic can help alleviate their uncomfortable condition.


Why does my pet have itchy skin?

Itching is a sign of an underlying condition that your pet has. There are a few reasons that your dog or other animals may be itchy.


Itching can be a result of an allergy that your pet has. These may be food allergies or environmental allergies such as mold or pollen. Dogs also may develop a skin condition called contact dermatitis, caused by encountering soap or pesticides.

Dry Skin

Otherwise, they may also have dry skin from factors such as cold or dry weather, or fatty acid deficiencies, which causes dry skin in dogs.

Boredom or Anxiety

If a dog is prone to anxiety or is left alone, they may start chewing, scratching, or licking more often, just as people may bite their nails or play with their hair. You cannot be sure if your animal is actually itchy or scratching out of habit if this is the case.


Fleas, ticks, and mites are some of the most common parasites that may attach themselves to your pet, causing them to lick, chew, or scratch their skin. Some of these parasites can easily be overlooked by the naked eye, so don't dismiss this as a possible cause just because you cannot see them on your animal.

How can veterinarians help my pet's itchy skin?

By bringing your animal to urgent care that provides emergency pet care, you can discover what is causing your pet to have itchy skin. Since there are a lot of factors that can contribute, your veterinarian can do some testing to determine what is the real underlying cause and help you with possible solutions.


If your pet is found to have a parasite, a veterinarian can administer or prescribe medication to eliminate them. If your pet doesn't seem to have a parasite but has an underlying medical condition such as anxiety or infections, other medications such as antibiotics or steroids can also be recommended.

Change in Diet

If allergies seem to be the issue, your vet may recommend a special diet or supplement for your pet to see if that aids their itchy skin.


Sometimes a dog may need training and prevention methods to stop them from itching their skin, especially if it is compulsive behavior.

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