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Pet Microchipping

Microchipping at Collierville Animal Clinic & Surgery Center

If you're familiar with Collierville animal Clinic & Surgery Center, you may know that we offer more than just urgent care and emergency pet care services, we also provide important forms of preventative care. One such service, known as microchipping, could make all the difference in finding your pet if he goes missing. Let's look at how microchipping works, why it's so important, and how you can give your pet this critical form of protection. 

cat getting a microchip

What Is Microchipping?

Microchipping is the insertion of a small data chip under the skin of an animal, typically in the shoulder region. This tiny chip is encoded with a unique ID number, which is recorded (along with your pet's name and your contact info) in a national pet registry database. When an animal worker finds a lost or stray pet with no collar tag, a quick check with an RFID scanner triggers the chip to send its ID number to the scanning device. The animal worker can then check this information against the online database to find you and inform you that your pet has been recovered.

Why is microchipping so important? Collar tags remain the primary way to identify missing animals, and every pet should be equipped with one. Unfortunately, collar tags (and sometimes entire collars) can get separated from the pets they identify. If your pet doesn't have a second form of identification, no one may ever connect him with you, no matter how many "Lost Pet" posters you put up. Microchipping greatly improves a pet's odds of being reunited with his owner. For microchipped dogs, the percentage goes up by 238 percent; for microchipped cats, the chance of being reunited with owners leaps by an astounding 2,000 percent as opposed to non-microchipped felines.

A Simple, Affordable Procedure

Any of our three veterinarians at Collierville Animal Clinic & Surgery Center will be more than happy to microchip your pet, either during a routine wellness exam or as a standalone outpatient procedure. You'll be relieved to learn that microchipping doesn't involve any kind of surgery. The microchip is so tiny that we simply inject it beneath your pet's skin, making the process no more difficult than a vaccination.

Talk to Our Veterinarians about Microchipping

Here at Collierville Animal Clinic & Surgery Center we provide a lot more than urgent care and emergency pet care for your beloved animal. Call our veterinarians at (901) 853-8519 to learn more about microchipping and schedule this all-important preventative measure. The time to take action is now, not after your pet has gone missing!

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