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Pet Dental Extractions

Veterinarians in Collierville Discusses Pet Dental Extractions

Tooth extractions may be necessary if your pet’s tooth is severely decayed or if progressive gum disease has compromised the health and stability of a tooth. Our veterinarians in Collierville may suggest pet dental extractions when one or more teeth causes pain, infection or another oral disease that a veterinarian can control with medications or other means.

Pet dental extractions are not as simple as just “yanking them out.” Dogs and cats are carnivores, so the root structures of their teeth are embedded deeply into the bone. The roots are fragile and located close to nerves, blood vessels, the nasal cavity and the eyes.

pet dental extractions from your  collierville veterinarian

Collierville Veterinarians Discusses Pet Dental Extractions

Our Collierville veterinarians perform all tooth extractions while the pet is under anesthesia. This prevents your pet from feeling any pain or experiencing any trauma. Having your pet lie perfectly still while under anesthesia also gives our veterinarian time to extract the tooth carefully. Careful extraction helps avoid complications, such as incomplete extraction, root fracture, root displacement or bleeding problems. General anesthesia also provides an opportunity for our veterinarian to take a good look around your pet’s mouth for signs of other problems.

Prior to anesthesia, we will evaluate the overall health of your pet and perform pre-anesthesia blood work as needed. This testing helps us administer the optimal amount of anesthesia to your pet.

Our veterinary technicians monitor all aspects of your pet’s health while under anesthesia to maximize your pet’s safety. We monitor vital signs, such as your pet’s blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and respirations.

Pet Tooth Extraction From Our Collierville Animal Clinic

After pet tooth extraction from our Collierville Animal Clinic, we will provide you with instructions for taking care of your pet. While most pets return to their regular diet quickly, ask our veterinarian about returning your pet to its regular eating schedule. You may be surprised to discover that your pet eats better after tooth extraction than it did before.

You might also be surprised to learn that your pet’s teeth will not move very much to fill in the gap left over by the extracted tooth.

Call Our Veterinarians in Collierville Today!

If your pet has a severely decayed tooth or compromised tooth resulting from progressive gum disease, make an appointment for pet dental extraction at our Collierville Animal Clinic. Collierville Animal Clinic, P.C. is conveniently located at 474 W US Hwy 72 in Collierville, TN. Our veterinarians in Collierville also serve Germantown, Piperton, Collierville and the surrounding areas. Make an appointment for pet dental extractions or other pet dental care today by calling (901) 853-8519.

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