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  • Puppy and Kitten Care
    Your puppy or kitten are immediately members of your family once they are home. It is important to take proper care of your new furry friend so it can grow Read more
  • Pet Ear Infections
    What To Do About Them and When to See a Vet Cats and dogs often suffer from ear infections. Unfortunately, such infections can cause a lot of pain and discomfort for Read more
  • Dog Skin Problems
    Here at Collierville Animal Clinic and Surgery Center in Collierville TN, we have seen a variety of skin problems in an array of dogs. From doggy dandruff and dermatitis to Read more
  • Essential Happy Health Pet Tips
    Pets make for wonderful companions. Whether you own a cat, dog, or another animal, you are probably quite attached to your companion. As a pet owner, however, you need to Read more
  • COVID-19 and Pets
    Understanding COVID-19 and the Risks For Pets The COVID-19 pandemic dominated headlines in 2020 and will have a lasting impact on humanity years into the future. By and large, COVID-19 is Read more
  • Pet Seizures
    Pet Seizures If your pet suddenly looks confused, drops on one side, and starts paddling her legs in strange motions, she could be experiencing a seizure. Seizures are frightening and can Read more
  • Toxic Ingestion
    Handling Toxic Ingestion in Pets Pets are prone to toxic ingestion. I know it's scary, but it's the truth. That’s why it’s vital to recognize the signs of poisoning early so Read more
  • Anxiety in Pets
    Anxiety in Pets Like humans, pets can become anxious in many different situations. Pets may grow anxious when new people or pets come into your home. They may be nervous in Read more
  • Questions to ask before your pet surgery
    Questions to Ask Before Scheduling Pet Surgery Before agreeing to pet surgery, you should fully understand the reason for this treatment. Does your pet need surgery to treat a fracture or Read more
  • Signs Your Pet May Have an Ear Infection
    Signs Your Pet May Have an Ear Infection Ear infections affect about 20 percent of pets. Dogs tend to develop more ear infections due to the physical shape of their ears. Read more
  • Importance of Keeping Your Pet Well Groomed
    The Importance of Keeping Your Pet Well-Groomed For many people, pet grooming is not taken very seriously, despite it being vital for the pet's general health and well-being. Regular grooming allows Read more
  • Signs Your Pet Has Arthritis
    Signs Your Pet Has Arthritis When it comes to pet wellness one of the most common problems seen in senior pets is arthritis. Younger cats and dogs that have experienced joint Read more
  • Expression of Anal Glands
    Anal Gland Expression Some dogs have problems with their anal glands. Anal gland expression may be necessary as part of pet wellness if your dog usually has issues with his or Read more
  • Common Pet Allergies
    Pet Allergies Does your dog suffer from excessive scratching, licking, biting, chewing? What about excessive scooting, rolling, or rubbing? Common side effects of pet allergies include skin changes, such as rash, Read more
  • Questions To Ask Before Your Pet Surgery
    Collierville Animal Clinic Offers Questions To Ask Before Pet Surgery When a pet needs surgery, pet owners often have many questions and concerns. Veterinarians undergo extensive training to perform these surgeries Read more
  • Why Is My Dog Vomiting?
    Why Is My Dog Vomiting? If you’ve owned a dog or cat for a while, chances are you’ve experienced the unpleasant task of cleaning up pet vomit. Occasional vomiting is no Read more

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