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Pet Boarding FAQ

Pet Boarding FAQ From Collierville Animal Clinic

Keeping your pet safe while you are away for a vacation, work or other activities can seem complicated. You want to ensure that your pet stays in a comfortable environment, but you also want to avoid potential health risks. When you work with a veterinarian in the Collierville Animal Clinic and Surgery Center, we make it easy to determine your options when you leave town.

pet boarding FAQ from our collierville animal clinic

What is Pet Boarding?

Pet boarding refers to the process of keeping your pets in a facility while you are not available to provide for their needs. It generally relates to times when you leave the Collierville, Germantown and Piperton, Tennessee area. While you are out of town, we offer the care and services your pet needs for his or her health and well-being. We provide a space for them to stay and the proper diet and exercise for their well-being until you return and can provide for their needs.

Why Consider Boarding a Dog or Cat?

The reasons you may consider boarding a dog or cat depend on your situation. You may need a pet to stay in a veterinary facility for treatment and care, particularly after a surgical procedure, or due to your current situation at home. If you are leaving the area, then you may want to board a pet to prevent complications with your travel plans.

In our clinic, we offer a variety of services for your peace of mind. Your pet stays in either a pet condo or a suite based on their size. Indoor and outdoor options are both available. We also provide grooming and bathing services to keep your pet in good health. Depending on your pet's breed and exercise requirements, we take a dog out for walks four times each day and we provide solutions for your cat's exercise. We also handle emergencies and medical care when your pet stays in our facility.

When Should You Consider a Pet Hotel in Collierville?

Keeping your pet in a pet hotel in Collierville provides an opportunity for you to focus on your plans and goals. It gives you a chance to leave your pet in a safe environment when you are not available or when you need time without distractions. We also provide medical services to keep your pets healthy and active while you are unable to provide the exercise, food or play your pet needs for optimal health.

Talk to a veterinarian about your options when you need to leave the Collierville, Germantown or Piperton, Tennessee area. We provide the options to keep up with your needs and give your pet the space he or she needs until you return to the area.

Call Us Today To Learn More About Pet Boarding!

Boarding a pet gives you the flexibility to travel for work or a vacation. It allows you to feel confident in the safety of your pet and ensures that an animal has the treatment he or she needs when you are not available to provide for his or her needs. To learn more or for an appointment, call 901-854-1500.

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